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Side Project: Flat-File PHP 7 Markdown Wiki

The last couple of weeks, I have been looking for a simple, easy, self-hosted Wiki system that uses markdown. Sadly, there doesn't seem to be something that you can quickly download and get working right out of the box.

That is where bleep comes in. I have been building, from the ground up, a full webapp in a flat file with simple Wiki building functionality. Well, I'm not really done with building it. More like 5% of the way. But I have an idea! (and a name/website)

Planned Features

So, since I have an idea, let me discuss my planned feature set:

  • Single File Application*
    • Ideally, the app must be a simple download and "light" install to get to running.
    • *Building the application will happen in multiple files (for easier development), but a build process will combine all the files into a simple, single file.
  • Multiple Content Parsers
    • To Start, the plan is to support Markdown (including GitHub-Flavored) with the inclusion of Parsedown.
    • Since bleep's main application will be 100% extendable, I can add other parsers later, including HTML/Handlebars
  • Multiple Storage Methods
    • File, SQLite, MySQL Storage will be available from the start, with potential inclusion of other storage types later.
  • Extendable API & Plugin System
    • I want the ability to create plugins and additional APIs with bleep. Since everything is 100% replacable, sideloading alternative code to add different functionality should be painless and easily controlled with a config value.
  • PHP 7+
    • Since I'm targeting php7 and higher, There will be code that will break on a PHP5 or lower system. It will be glorious.

From the ground up...

You can view the progress of the app being built on the bleepwiki GitHub Repository. There isn't much there, but there will be.

Additionally, I will be talking more about the thought processes and coding challenges that I came across while working on bleep right here on my blog.

Side Project: Flat-File PHP 7 Markdown Wiki
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