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Politics and Gun Control - When is it a good time?

As I sit here writing this, the second day of continuous coverage of the Terror attack in Las Vegas is on TV. 59 people have perished and close to 600 individuals were injured. The killer? A white man with a modified "semi"-automatic weapon that was probably upset that he couldn't get tickets to the concert that he eventually shot up.

NOTE: I really don't know why this guy did this, it is just a theory of mine.

No matter the reason why he decided to commit a mass murder, the fact that he was able to purchase a weapon, modified or not, and commit this horrendous act is probably one of the biggest issues in America today. But when Republicans are asked about gun control, they immediately say "We shouldn't politicize the attack ...", in an effort to stop all discussions for the Gun Lobbyists who line their pockets.

Understanding Gun Violence and Victims

Ok, some real talk. I am a victim of Gun Violence in my Family. My Aunt Sandra, and my cousins Michelle and Charlie, were murdered by my Aunt's estranged husband (and my cousin's Step-"father") and his revolver on a cold Sunday December night in 1996. Dealing with the loss of a family member is horrible, even 20 years later. Seeing the news every few months about the newest tragic gun-backed violence, and every time I get upset at the inaction by Congress and State Lawmakers. Every time, "If there were restrictions for gun purchases by mental health patients" crosses my mind, hopeful for the time when my Aunt was alive, and every time, I'm disappointed because we still don't have those restrictions.

There were other factors that could have saved my Aunt, like a functioning Child Protection Service department in Colorado, or perhaps moving her out of Colorado when she left her eventual murderer. But, If we had proper and comprehensive gun control in America, I firmly believe that she would have had an opportunity to defend herself on that night.

I am not alone with other victims and survivors of gun violence. A friend of mine was a very vocal gun control advocate and survivor of the Columbine School shooting, and every time another "massacre" or shooting occurs, he posts another scribe about the failure of the American government to regulate guns. He's given up.

So, when is it the right time?

To survivors and victims, the right time to talk about gun control was long before the attack that changed their life. The second best time to talk about gun control is now, right after an attack. For the 58 people who were attending a concert in Las Vegas, their voices are now silenced because of Congress' inaction in legislating against guns.

Politics and Gun Control - When is it a good time?
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